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LP Media provides individual consultancy to high profile clients. We coach, supervise as well as provide continuing mentoring and training program depending on the individual or business needs.

LP Media also do lobbying for individuals and businesses depending on the needs of clients.

LP media is a strategic, creative and believes in SMART service to the individuals and companies.

LP Media follows solution focused approach and go through the whole journey with the client in implementing the strategy designed for the client.

LP Media follows solution focused approach and go through the whole journey with the client in implementing the strategy designed for the client.

LP Media is solution focused. We are solution focused and believe in practical solutions of your business problems. We will find you long term and short term solutions.

LP Media is personal. We will do your needs assessment and provide you unique and tailored solutions suitable to your business and personal needs.

LP Media Speaks your language. Our experts speaks your language and understand your local , personal and global needs.

Media Coaching and Training

LP Media Coaching & Mentoring Program

LP media will provide you media coaching and how to face hostile press and media. Confidence building in crisis. Mentoring & coaching program is ongoing following your needs.

LP Media Training Program

We will assess your needs and provide you unique and tailored training program that suites you and your business needs. The training program is ongoing.

LP Media is Results Oriented

LP Media believes in following SMART and achievable goals and getting results for you and your business.

LP Media is SMART Planner

LP Media is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timed)  

SMART planning for you and your business. We will do live and continuous assessment of your business needs.

LP Media Professional Team:

LP Media team is multilingual, multi-cultural, multi ethnic who understand ground realities and individual and business needs.

LP Media team lead by Dr Shahid Qureshi senior British academic, analyst, writer and Journalist.

What is LP Media Consultants?


LP Media Consultants is an arm of The London Post and Media Group. LPMC provide media consultancy to both individual clients and corporate clients all over the world as it is based in the heart of London. LPMC also provide press and media coaching to individuals and companies as how to deal with media and media attention. LPMC provides assistance to its clients in crisis management and reputation protection from the time it starts to time its end/disappear.  

LP Media Consultants is part of The London Post & Media Group Limited


(LP) The London Post: (


The London Post is a renowned and popular news website known for analysis and exclusive stories around the world based in London.  The London Post and Media Group is registered with companies House in The United Kingdom as a Limited Company. The new website also registered and operate from (London) United Kingdom.   


(LP) The London Post TV


The London Post TV is web based TV Channel.  

LP Media Productions


LP Media Productions is the video and documentary production arm of The London Post and media Group. We produce documentaries and interview clients as per the need of the day. These documentaries are available on the web.